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Commercial Vehicle Painters
Doncaster and Scunthorpe

If you are looking for Commercial Vehicle Painters in Doncaster and Scunthorpe get in contact today. We offer repainting services for commercial fleets and vehicles including cars, vans, horseboxes, motorhomes, HGV trucks and more.

Commercial Vehicle Repainting Services


We are second to none in terms of our car painting and respraying services. 

Our company, Judd Paint Solutions, has generations and many years of experience specialising in custom domestic and commercial vehicle painting for all kinds of bodywork and project types. 

Get in touch today if you would like your car repainting. We can offer a free quote and any further details you desire. 

We accommodate several aspects of car painting jobs, including body panel repairs, full or partial vehicle sprays and classic car paint restorations. 

Commercial Vehicle Painters Doncaster and Scunthorpe
Commercial Vehicle Repainting Services Doncaster and Scunthorpe


We offer our painting and respray services to accommodate numerous vehicle types. We have lots of years experience and specialised facilities to handle large commercial or domestic projects. We're happy to paint or respray vans, plant machinery, trucks, lorries, minibuses, as well as single and double-decker buses. Our business provides a broad colour spectrum and various graphics for all of your design requirements. 


At Judd Paint Solutions, we specialise in spraying horseboxes that enable you to transport the animals in a suitable and presentable manner. 

We take on any horsebox project from 3.5-ton to HGV, 22-ton horseboxes. We'll do body repairs and body resprays, refurbishing the vehicle fully till it appears just like new. 

Our experienced professional team provides our customers with full colour and design consultations to accurately meet their vehicle requirements and choices.

Horseboxes repainting Doncaster and Scunthorpe
Motorhome painting Doncaster and Scunthorpe


Judd Paint Solutions pride itself on providing high-quality and high standard services with great customer care for all vehicles. Our painting and respray projects lend themselves to all types of vehicles, including motorhomes. We offer complete painting or respraying to satisfy our clienteles needs and design requirements. 

Camper Vans

We offer our painting and respraying services to those with campervans. Our team will spend time listening to all of your requirements concerning colours, textures and any graphics. We understand that each person's needs and visions are different. 

We try our best to cater to each difference you desire for your campervan's best conversion and rebranding for each different campervan model. 

Camper Vans Spraying Doncaster and Scunthorpe
HGV Spraying Doncaster and Scunthorpe


HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) or LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) is any vehicle with a gross weight that carries the heaviest kinds of cargo. Gross vehicle weight is anything above 3.5-tonnes. Judd Paint Solutions offers our painting and respraying solutions to these vehicles; with wide ranges of colours and graphic designs, we make it the perfect way to refurbish your vehicle. When we finish, it will be free from chipping, paint damage and look brand new. 

Specialist Vehicles

Our team will paint and respray specialists vehicles too. Whether it's for professional commercial use or domestic purposes such as a disabled vehicle. We're happy to assist in rejuvenating your car or vehicle. Please contact us today by giving us a call for further details or a free quote.

Commercial Fleet Bodyshop Services

 Industrial Coating

We specialise in industrial coating for all professional commercial vehicles, including metal finishing services and protective metal coatings for ensured durability. 

Commercial Fleet Bodyshop Services Doncaster and Scunthorpe

 Bodywork Repairs

 Colour Changes

Bodywork repairs are also something we can offer to our local customers. We aim to fix any scuffs, scratches, chipping or dents to your vehicle. You can meet with team members, and they will provide you with a full inspection of the bodywork, authorise the issues and get to repairing. We sand down, repaint and massage out any dents or deep marks. 

Should you require any colour changes, new paintwork or resprays due to an accident or simply a dire need of fresh coats, we are always here to supply that for you. Our experts have years of experience in providing efficient colour changes to many vehicles across Doncaster and Scunthorpe. 

 Accident Repairs

 Light Repairs

We take accident repairs very seriously at Judd Paint Solutions, and we will do the utmost to take matters into our own hands to provide you with excellent services. We can liaise with your insurance company to keep costs down by finding you the best deals and solutions. Our job is to offer a replacement vehicle whilst we work hard to amend your current one. 

Repairing will always reduce the overall cost to the operator. By allowing us at Judd to fix all of your recent light repairs, you'll save so much more money than you would on paying exorbitant prices for a replacement. Contact us today through phone or email for any details on light repairs. 

 Fitting Replacement Parts

 Body Repair and Refinishing

However, when the damage is so crucial that a repair is no longer an option, our reliable staff have the skills and training that allow them to fit replacement parts and panels for our customers perfectly. It may be a little more pricey than simply repairing your vehicle; however, it is a smart option, as the overall performance and appearance of your car will improve. 

Our spray-booth is several squares large enough to fit substantial commercial vehicles. We work on repairing and refinishing some of the most prominent cars and vehicles for many different purposes and professional companies. We like to use acrylic and epoxy paints of many thin coats to guarantee full coverage paint finish and a first-class job each time. 

 Scratch Repairs

 Commercial Respraying

The expert team here will fix and repair any scratches or scuffs on the bodywork of your car or vehicle, rendering it back into excellent looking shape. We've built an excellent reputation for speedy, efficient repairs. 

We offer many services for commercial respraying, including a total repainting of the vehicle, any necessary or required colour or design changes, including graphics and stickers. We also provide Horse-box refurbishments. 

Are you looking for commercial vehicle painters in Doncaster, Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas? If you want to undertake any repair of paint work on your vehicle, Judd Paint Solutions can help.